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The pursuit of …

Posted in 1 by nirvaana on February 23, 2010

What will you pursuit of in a life ? Is it happyness (with a ‘y’), peace, pleasure, family,fame, name, wealth …. ?

The list starts and never ends. Some rare ones pursuit of themselves and to those rare ones, I bow million times from bottom of my heart.

Have you asked once to yourself, when all will fade, that is happiness, peace, pleasure… what will remain – and that remaining needs to be searched . . . .


Unknown then , unknown now

Posted in Look-little by nirvaana on March 25, 2008

Some time around end of 19th century a young man traveled to the confluence where crystal clear water that washes feet of Lord Jagannath meets the water that touches pristine coconut groves of Kerala. They both then welcomes the vast ocean which brings life and breath from far continent. He was standing at the tip of Bharat waiting and thinking to see her in all her majesty. He then dared the rising waves, the thunderous sound, the rocky bed and jumped. Many thoughts must have crossed his mind before and after he jumped to the ocean and swam till he reached his goal. The goal was not to reach the little island-rock , the goal was to reach the human heart, to touch the heart beat of Bharat . . later he made a clarion call to the youth of Bharat – “Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached”

He was unknown then, an unknown monk who meditated 4 days without food and water and visioned majestic living ‘Bharat Mata’. Did she go back to sleep again or hide herself in the cave of mighty Himalayas ? Can she not hear the painful cry of her millions of children ? Is she healing herself or still suffering from vivisection ? Or may be she is waiting for unknown ones who will dare to jump and cross the obstacles again to vision her as a living being.

The place was Kanniyakumari, The unknown monk was non other than maha purusha Swami Vivekananda.

Often I wonder, do we know him really ? He was unknown then and 100 years after he still seems unknown to me . . .

Swami Vivekananda

When can I receive wisdom ?

Posted in Look-little by nirvaana on January 13, 2008

“And even in our sleep, pain, which cannot forget, falls drop by drop upon the heart until, in our despair, against our will, comes wisdom to us by the awful grace of God” – Said Aeschylus thousands years ago.

Yesterday , I went to a local monastery and while looking around I saw a little booklet. The booklet has been compiled by a 88 years gentleman who I often meet there. The booklet contains simple teachings of saints, philosophers, poets, sages of past and present. Its a compilation he started 57 years ago. In the beginning he quotes Robert Adams “Our lives unfold as they should unfold” and in the end he quotes Hellen Keller, “Life is a great adventure or its nothing at all”.

And I wondered again and again, from where do I receive wisdom ? My heart quietly said “From silence, dear”.

Budhha’s miracle

Posted in Look-little by nirvaana on July 24, 2007

He was traveling and traveled with him are only few, because the world did not know that he is Budhha. He was a simple monk and had few disciples. He traveled, city to city, village to village telling people about life, sorrow and nirvaana.

“What nonsense you are trying to tell us”, shouted an angry village man. The man was angry, sad and depressed. You are an escapist who wants to escape from real life and live on others. You are a disgrace to society. Get out of our villages , we will not feed you. The man continued . ..

Few of Budhha’s young and energetic disciples marched to stop that man, through force of-course. Budhha smiled hinted them to leave the place immediately with him and go to the outskirt of the village.

Tell me master , asked an eager and young disciple, how can I stand and listen those abuses the man was throwing at you. I am not a coward.

If you give me a fruit and I do not receive it, with whom it remained ? Budhha asked.

With me, of-course. Said the young disciple.

Similarly, I did not receive any of those abuses he threw at me. Budhha smiled.

The miracle

Posted in Look-little by nirvaana on June 10, 2007

Today I saw a young mother carrying her baby on the train. She was engrossed with the baby as if there is no moment in past-present-future that can separate them. My heart got filled with admiration for that affection that comes from mother for her child.

Met a gentleman in a get together. “You know, every parents can smell their child and its distinct. I can smell my boys from a long distance”. I got introduced to his two boys, they are 20 and 18 respectively.

I remembered seeing “Pieta”(Pieta) in Vatican, Michel Angelo’s master work. Virgin Mary holding Jesus, timeless love flowing from her towards her baby.

“Mother”, she herself is a miracle.